Working Remote Can Be The Best Thing that Happened to You

Some people say working remote is lonely! They crave the in-person interaction, the social relationships they build at work and leaving the house.

I get it but I don't get it. I have to think really hard to get it and perhaps it is because I craved the remote life so that I could have a life. So I work remote by choice. I used to work two full time jobs. Heck, the craziest thing I every did was I worked for 7 days straight without going home because I needed $10,000.00. Don't try to figure out how I did that because I had it down to a science that was executed to perfection. Only my closest friends and coaching clients understand the depth of my focus when I have a goal. Back to the topic of remote working, I wanted a life outside of always being at 'work'.

Embrace Your Control

“Negotiate a remote work opportunity that works for you, your family and your goals.”

Remote work opportunities are not all the same. But if you are able to manage your own time and still meet the demands of an employer, you have hit the lottery. Embrace the control you have over your time and use it wisely. So you don't have someone to tell you what time to get up and leave the house or when to eat lunch or dinner. Yet, you still get a direct deposit. Pause and let that resonate. Be grateful! Now, start brainstorming how you can now delve into some other interests you've been putting off or only doing on the week-ends. Perhaps, you want to play tennis or swim more often or get back into your creative side. You can do it now.

Maybe your housing choice was largely based on commuter time and costs. Well, now you can live wherever you want because you are not commuting. Your cost of living and quality of life can improve based on this one shift. Have you ever wanted to live on an island? Work from Thailand? Live outside of the U.S. for 3-6 months? Once you start brainstorming your new found control, your mindset may shift. Now, what were you saying about craving interaction and building relationships?

While in Rome, Italy, my consistent U.S. based income came from working as an Education Consultant.

What changed when I went from working 9 to 5 or 12+ hours in an office building? My interactions and relationships expanded. I met more people in different environments. Once upon a time, most of my associates worked in my industry and we had that in common. But outside of that commonality, our conversations were limited. Now, I have a broad base of associates and I look at networking as relationship building. I know that we are taught to look at attending networking events as relationship building but really, how is that working for you? It didn't work well for me. Meeting people casually or in shared interest environments is very different and more authentic.

Home Life Balance

This is the challenge I most closely relate to and I have advice for you. You can take in everyone's opinion around you but it is trial and error that will make this area finally balance out for you. Spouse/Partner and Children are the biggies, am I right? I know it! I've had two husband's each very different but both were like children when it came to the attention they required. I used to imagine having a remote control for everyone in the house so that I could turn them 'off' when I needed to focus on something else.

My second husband put it best because we were grandparents raising a grandkid. Some of you can relate. He used to say "everyone has a role in the house". Our grandson was raised during my return to school for my first and second degree, through career shifts, a recession, business start-ups, etc. so his life experiences had to fit into all of that. Needless to say, I embraced being a homeschool parent before schools started making it an option to parents. Our experience of homeschooling looked nothing like what is offered today. That is another discussion.

The point is, Home Life Balance is a challenge for remote workers and it is only reached, when it is necessary for the functioning of the family unit. When you approach it as a a way of life and not an option, it is achievable and can flow quite well because everyone moves through their day understanding "this is how our family functions". Everyone's needs are met and everyone can enjoy the control and flexibility to live their life. We were happy, productive, had a more well rounded life and enjoyed many family activities. When we made the shift back into the traditional work life and school schedule, the adjustment was quite difficult and caused so much frustration. Late night homework, exhausted from the commuting, cancelling activities that we did during the week was the worst and the household budget was a bear. I had forgotten what my dry cleaning bill could be on a monthly basis.

What do you want?

If money was not an issue, if you could do and be anything you wanted, "What do you want?"

This is the big question that many faced when the health pandemic thrusted you into remote work life. You didn't ask for the change but it's here. What do you want? Are you hoping things return to normal? Normal is different for everyone. I encourage you to search your heart and mind for the answer. If money was not an issue, if you could do and be anything you wanted, "What do you want?"

There is not better time than NOW to find answers. If remote work has been thrusted upon you, it may be for this very reason. Even remote work can be structured to suit your personality and your goals. Opportunities are abundant!

Myth - Remote work means instability.
Fact - Remote work when matched to the skill and value you bring to the right employer means higher income with control of your time and focus. (i.e., freedom to be whole and have work-life-balance).

RL. Remote Life Converging with Real Life

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