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Create a drop ship site that gives you passive income so you can spend more time doing the things you enjoy. I know you've heard the stories, about people making thousands of dollars. Well, that's to get you to pay attention; and you should. It's not an easy endeavor but it can be well worth your time. Why can't you be the next millionaire from drop shipping?

Let me state up front. I am not a drop-ship guru! But I am dream-selling and I've made a pretty coin in this sector!!!

Start with a Dream

“Do you have a dream that you hold onto? Perhaps you don't share it, but you hold it deep in your heart. That dream should give you some courage to reach for it. If it doesn't it is probably just a wish - and wishes don't move you to action, DREAMS DO.”

I am not going to get off into discussing neuroscience; but, suffice it to say wishes are like surface thoughts, the first thing that comes to mind. Dreams are embedded deep in your subconscious in the "part of the mind of which one is not fully aware but which influences one's actions and feelings."

Choose Relevant Product

Like any business, drop shipping IS A BUSINESS and it will require your undivided attention. Choose a relevant product and choose wisely. #Research is key! It does not have to be something you are connected to. Remember, this is business so it has to be something you can market and sell. It has to be something that people want or need. If people need 'hatchets', sell them hatchets.

Only go with 1-3 items on your drop ship site. Giving too much choice, encourages people to shop. Providing an item with 2-3 choices is more than enough for people to make a decision. In addition, it is easier to start this business having to establish a relationship with a single vendor vs 50 vendors. You have to consider customer service, feedback, shipping and returns. The one thing these drop-ship gurus never mention are returns. Every retail business has returns.

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Select a Platform and Partner

This is as much about automation as it is about personal style.”

The choices are abundant. The most popular front end platforms are Shopify and Wix and the drop-ship partners list is a long one. Just to name a few, Oberlo, Modalyst, Spoket, AliExpress, SaleHoo. You can get lost in vendor and product overload and this is why I will reiterate #Research so that you are not searching so broadly. Compare the profit margins, customer service, shipping times, returns process and, of course, quality of merchandise.

Here the good news! So far this is a really low cost start up with little up front costs except for the time you should spend on #Research. That's the third time I am using that word, ("Research"). I hope you are getting the lesson.

In order to be profitable in Drop Shipping, RESEARCH your product selection, your vendor selection and your target market!

Get Inspired

If you want to create passive income, drop shipping is worth a consideration. Once you master the process, your market and your systems are automated, there is no limit to how much you can earn. To keep up with all things that can give you the freedom and life style you want and deserve, join my mailing list. Grab onto that dream and start creating that additional stream of income to support it. Good luck!

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