Career Reflection in 4th Quarter 2020

In the Fourth Quarter of 2020, we are still in the bosom of a health pandemic that has effected the world. For many it has been a year of growth and prosperity and for others not so much. Your current circumstances aside, your future is in your hands to take what we've learned in the past nine months and plan well for your future.

Re-Imagine Yourself

Big Companies do it all the time. They re-brand themselves, re-package their product, change their copy and colors and BAM! sell you the same product or service; and if we're lucky they may include a few upgrades.

Before you do anything! Before you make a plan! STOP, BREATHE and put yourself in the my CLIENT seat.

Let me share some bullet-proof, top earning Career Coach secrets that will surely guide you through getting to discover your next career moves.

This will save you some MONEY AND TIME!

FREE Self Assessment and Reflect Tool

This is a perfect time to take an assessment of yourself so that you can move forward in the right direction. These are KEY QUESTIONS to give serious thought to before approaching your next opportunity. Treat your life like a company that must re-imagine it's brand and marketing. A company uses data to validate and show proof of where it stands. It's time to review your data so that you know where you stand. Starting with a Self Analysis that you can call, ARNITHA WEBB-CAREER MAPPING. If taken seriously, this can either:

  • validate your choices and shine a spotlight on how you go forward

  • reveal some hidden truths that don't fit into your future vision

  • reveal some hidden opportunities that you didn't notice before

Here is the caveat-it only works for you if you work at it. That means, not matter how familiar the question or task, ponder it from a new perspective. Go deeper in thought about each item than you have in the past. I highly recommend that you spend hours or days on a single item in the list. I can use the "G" word here and GUARANTEE that your initial thoughts on many of the items in the ARNITHA WEBB-CAREER MAPPING will change as you allow yourself more time to reflect.


  • If you thought returning to school for another degree was going to earn you an additional $100k annually, would you sign on the dotted line and take out a student loan to go into debt; even if that debt was going to surpass $100k?

  • If you were offered a job paying you $50k more than your current job, would you accept the offer immediately; even if you didn't like the company?

If you answered YES to either of those two questions, you owe it to yourself to not be hasty. You may be able to achieve increased earnings of $50k-$100k/annually without student loan debt or working for a company you don't like.

It starts with being as strategic as the company that has to re-imagine itself. Your starting point is here, in the ARNITHA WEBB-CAREER MAPPING. Download your copy of the ARNITHA WEBB-CAREER MAPPING TOOL and get started. I predict the results you discover will be life-changing.

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  1. Every key position you've held over the past 10-15 years.

  2. Every measurable contribution you made to the organizations you worked for in the past 10-15 years.

  3. Every trait and skill the organization and position required.

  4. Identify every outcome for your input and/or actions that the company and/or department benefited from.

  5. Describe your biggest challenges you overcame in the capacity of your position.

  6. Gather all of your continued learning and professional development you've completed.

  7. Ask yourself, was the professional development for the job or did you benefit in a personal way from the knowledge you received.

  8. Gather all of your continued learning and personal development you've completed

  9. Clarify for your own interpretation how you benefited from continued learning experiences

  10. Have you achieved the level of higher education you planned for?

  11. Think about your previous work environments and clarify for your own understanding what you liked and disliked the most

  12. Think about your previous managers and company leadership and clarify for your own understanding what you liked and disliked the most

  13. Think about your peers and your interactions; how did you grow from your work relationships?

  14. Would you consider yourself a team-player or a leader? Think about examples that would support your self-image.

  15. Would others consider you a team-player or a leader? Think about examples that would support their impression of you.

  16. Does your chosen profession/career give you the environment and challenges to work in your strengths?

  17. Ask yourself, do you bring the j-o-b home? If so, was it by choice or necessity?

  18. While in your previous positions (over the past 10-15 years) has your work-life-balance been ideal?

  19. Identify the best outcomes for your chosen profession.

  20. Think about time/money and write out your commute time and your salary. Include where you started and where you are now.

  21. Think about time/money and write out your current monthly expenses. Include dry cleaning, especially if your wardrobe is largely based on your profession.

  22. Did you choose your profession/career because of passion or money?

  23. Ask yourself, would you do it all over again?

  24. In a perfect scenario, time and money being a non-factor; what do you want in the next 12-24 months? Are you on track?

  25. Do you believe you can make the necessary changes to get what you want; or is it too big of a dream to plan out?

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Download PDF • 119KB

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