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International health insurance for expats, families, international citizens, remote workers & frequent travelers.

Private Healthcare Anywhere

International health insurance gives you access to private healthcare around the world. While most domestic health plans only cover you in one country, international plans cover you in multiple countries. They’re great for people who live and work abroad, or who spend lots of time traveling. Some international health insurance plans also include emergency medical evacuation so you can access urgent treatment even if it's not available in your location.

How does it work?

International health insurance helps to minimize any worry or complications. With international health insurance, you’ll generally have access to private hospitals and clinics, with doctors who speak good English.  We understand that when you need medical treatment at home it can be stressful—when you are in a foreign country, with unfamiliar hospitals and doctors it can be devastating.

Where am I covered?

There are three zones, and you can choose any zone with any of our health plans (though Zone 3 is only available to residents of Indonesia). As a rule of thumb, a more restrictive zone means a greater saving on your premium.

You are in control


You’ll have full cover under your health plan anywhere in the world, except the USA. There is no cover at all in the USA.


You’ll have full cover under your health plan in most countries around the world. In certain countries and regions* where the cost of private healthcare is high, your cover will be limited to accident & emergency treatment up to US$100,000. There is no cover at all in the USA.


You’ll have full cover under your health plan in most countries around the world. In certain countries & regions† where the cost of private healthcare is high, you’ll need to contribute 20% towards the cost of elective treatment. We’ll cover you in full for accident & emergency treatment up to US$100,000 or £66,000 or €75,000. There is no cover at all in the USA. Zone 3 is only available if you’re resident in Indonesia.

  • Value Plans

    For people who simply want coverage for serious conditions and major healthcare costs.

  • Comprehensive Plans

    For people who want cover for a wider range of healthcare, including routine childbirth, mental health treatment, and chronic conditions.

  • Individual Plans

    For professionals, remote workers, students, frequent travelers and people on work assignments.

  • Family Plans

    Plans for families with children aged under 18, and those planning a family in the future.

  • Business Plans

    Plans for start-ups and businesses with remote workers or expat employees.

What Our Clients Say

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Medical Evacuation Insurance

Live or work overseas? Having an international health insurance plan which includes coverage for emergency medical evacuation can give you extra peace of mind. Ask us how it works.


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