...your spouse wants to make a major move outside of the country and you have to plan an international relocate.  That didn't happen to me but it happened to my BFF. binge watch HGTV International because you know there must be more to life.  That WAS me... are career oriented, educated, not close to retirement but unfulfilled by current career position.  That WAS me...

...looking ahead to the next 10-20-30 years and not excited.  That WAS me...

... want MORE out of life.  OK, YES, YES, YES - THAT WAS ME...

I Imagined there was MORE TO LIFE AND I WENT FOR IT!  I DID IT. 


Scared? Been there.  But whether you're planning to live outside of the U.S. to support a spouse/partner or you just want MORE out of Life, I do know that YOU NEED THE RIGHT SUPPORT. 

I know what it takes to go out there in the world, away from your comfort zone and not just LIVE WELL but PROSPER.

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You Will Learn How To


Set your life up with balance, financial security & amazing experiences . . .


I will show you how to plan out short & long term housing-travel to multiple countries . . . 


Design an International Lifestyle with a WFA Business . . .

What People Say

"You are the CEO of your Life"...Those were the first words (sic) you said to me . . .I can look back now and say THANK YOU.

A. Coleman , CT

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I'm Arnitha

Lifestyle Coach - MsTravelpreneur

Hi, I am Arnitha Webb and I developed #ReDesigningYourLife (to move Abroad) to help people find their place in the world where they thrive.  

  • At AWebb LLC and Creator of Life Planning Program (used by private, city and federal agencies) I've helped Thousands from all walks of life manage massive transitions and reinvent their lives.

  • Grew my own businesses to 6-7 figures with Vision and Planning

  • Helped International companies and Travel Coaches on Change Management projects and Training teams for 10 years

  • Have ReDesigned my own life to match my Life Compass and can show you how

I know a thing or two about transitions and change.

More about me


As a Travelpreneur, I've lived and worked from more than a dozen countries


Lives outside of the U.S. at least 6 Months annually


Have purchased and manages a portfolio of Developer properties outside of the United States


323 N. Turner Avenue #981

Guasti, CA  91743

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Yes, I am ready to live my best life,

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Arnitha Webb

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