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Your International Healthcare Partner

For a healthcare experience that puts you in control, choose Fast & Affordable DIY Plans or Concierge Plans. 


Need more? Speak to an Agent and let's get to the heart of your needs.  With our Concierge Plans, you can get coverage for the latest medical treatments and freedom to access private healthcare Internationally. Plus, you'll have help and support from a team of real people with our concierge services.

Fast & Affordable DIY Plans

  • Foreign Nationals or Visitors in the USA

    Excellent for anyone visiting the US for business or pleasure. Also available to groups.

  • Live & Work Anywhere

    Medical Coverage

    The solution for almost everyone seeking short-term coverage. Individuals, Family, Groups.

  • Global Expat Long Term Medical Coverage

    Make life easier with comprehensive coverage for individuals or families. Global Peace of Mind.

  • Globe Hopper Senior 65+ Travel with Peace of Mind

    Take off and see the world visiting one or more countries and taking your plan wherever you go.

Covid-19, Am I Covered?

We know you're concerned.  If you have a health plan from Arnitha Webb, you are covered for the treatment of COVID-19 as you would be for any other viral infection provided you don’t have personal medical exclusions on your Certificate of Insurance that would apply to the necessary treatment.

Speak to an Agent Concierge Plans

  • Global Expat Health Insurance

    Designed for Expats and Frequent Travelers who seek international medical insurance at competitive rates without sacrificing quality.

  • Global Expat Life Insurance

    Designed for Expats who wish to ensure the people and things that matter the most are taken care of, should the worst occur.

  • Global Expat Income Protection

    Designed for International Citizens who wish to safeguard their lifestyle, in the event of incapacity to work due to illness or injury.

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 STAYING PUT in the United States and need some protections?

We've got you covered.

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